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Social Studies

Social Studies Curriculum from K-8 is designed to help students understand the world around them through a wide range of topics related to Society, Culture, History, Geography, Economics and Politics.

Nefertari is unique in providing a carefully designed curriculum of ancient, modern and contemporary Egyptian history as well as Geography of Egypt.

Year 1

Students explore themselves and the community around them; Places, School, Home and Neighborhood.

Year 2

Students are introduced to Landforms, Resources, Concept of Past, Present, and Future, Communities and Culture as well as Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities.

Year 3

Students are introduced to Maps, Landforms, Empires and Kingdoms, Timelines, Goods and Services, and Natural Resources.

Year 4

Students study Physical Environment, Climate, Location, Directions, Kinds of Maps, Geography of Egypt, Ancient Civilizations.

Year 5

Students study Continents, Religion across time, Ancient Civilizations in Africa and Middle East, significant Events, and Individuals in Egyptian History.

Year 6

Students study Early and Classical Civilizations, Ancient Americas, Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires.

Year 7

Students study the History of Great Britain, Renaissance in Europe, Explorations, African Kingdoms, Asian Empires, the Age of Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

Year 8

Students are to study Geography; Map Skills, the Five Themes of Geography, Physical and Human Geography.