School Policy

Pupils attendance 

In case of absence more than 3 successive days, a medical certificate should be presented to school administration. The School doctor will indicate whether the student could attend the class or not. 

Illness and allergies 

The school doctor should be informed of any illness or allergies that the student may have. If a child uses an inhaler or has a specific medicine to take then it should be clearly labeled with the child name and class and given to the school doctor to be kept in the clinic. Members of the teaching staff are not responsible for administering medicines. 

School Uniform 

- Students should come to school wearing clean and tidy uniform. 

- Jewelry and mobiles are forbidden. 

- Hair accessories must be white. 

- Students wear black shoes and white socks. 

- Students must wear the school training suit and trainers on PE days only. PE classes will be announced at the beginning of the year and parents will be notified. 

Things from home 

Students are not allowed to bring things from home unless you are notified by the class teacher. Sometimes the class teacher asks the children to bring in toys or interesting objects related to certain topics discussed in class. 


There is a maid available and ready to help the children at all times. 


The break is for rest – chatting – soft drinks …. etc. Football is forbidden during the break; it is allowed only in PE classes. 

School Buses 

In the morning students must wait 5 minutes before the scheduled time for the bus, otherwise, they will miss it. Appointed people waiting for the children in the afternoon should be there 5 minutes before the expected time. If no one is waiting, the child will be taken back to school. 


Parents should provide their children with some food, preferably nutritious healthy meal (sandwiches, milk, juice, cake, pizza, fresh fruits and vegetables). Please eliminate sweets as much as possible. 

Children belongings 

As it is unhealthy to use others' belongings, it is a must to send the following items to be kept in class for each individual child: 

- A set of underwear. 

- Two sets of outfits, one for summer, and one for winter (not the school uniform). 

All belongings should be labeled clearly. The school will not be responsible for anything which is not labeled. 

The Channel notebook and school circulars 

The channel book is the main tool of communication between parents and teachers. All important news concerning your child or the school will be written or stapled in the channel book. 

Please check it daily and sign every message. Do not hesitate to communicate with the teacher via the Channel note book. 

It is against school policy to communicate directly with the teacher via her mobile phone. 

Each child will receive circulars and notes from the school all through the academic year, please remove all circulars from the Channel and keep them in a circular file for your own reference at home. 

Appearance and behavior 

Dress Code 

Your personal appearance in school demonstrates your seriousness about your education, your school and yourself. You should be wearing a full clean and ironed uniform everyday. Other aspects of your appearance (hair style and accessories, etc) should also be appropriate to an academic setting. 


Following are general guidelines for behavior in our school, breaking rules will result in serious consequences which include but not limited to in school detention, suspension from school, and grades deduction. 

- You are to follow classroom, bus, library and lab rules and regulations all the times. 

- You are expected to show responsibility for your own learning by having the required textbooks and supplies ready on a daily basis at the start of each subject. 

- You should always be orderly, cooperative, responsive to your teachers and fully engaged in class activities. 

- Shouting and running in school are prohibited. 

- Mobile phones are not allowed in school and will be confiscated, for emergencies they can be kept with the school supervisor. 

- You must at all time show respect for personal space, dignity and safety of others – whether students, teachers, school staff and guests. 

- You are expected to demonstrate a sense of pride in your school by not littering either in classrooms, buses or anywhere else on school grounds. 

- Students are expected to be honest, cheating will not be tolerated. 

- Any kind of bullying or threatening behavior directed at fellow students is utterly unacceptable. Fighting and violence will result in severe consequences. 

trophic Rule Breaches 

Unfortunately, there may come a time when a student breaks NBIS rules or expectations in a manner so offensive, dangerous, or otherwise unacceptable that drastic action is required to guarantee that such behaviour will never occur again. We hope this will never happens, but students should be aware that exceptionally severe lapses in judgment and behaviour can result in swift and serious consequences, including immediate expulsion.