Nefertari International School American and British Divisions Cairo, Egypt provides its students with quality education, qualified teachers and challenging programs of International Education while maintaining their cultural identity as Egyptians. NIS strives to create a disciplined, safe, happy and caring atmosphere that encourages students to be responsible, confident, compassionate, and well informed citizens who contribute to their local and international community.


Striving for Excellence by setting high levels of expectations for students and staff performance.


  • Responsibility; understanding rights and duties.
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Ambition


    We are ambitious. We set high standards for all students and staff. We help people transform their lives through education, experience, support and inspiration.
    We are open, welcoming, supportive and fair to all school community members.
    We aim for excellence in all our teaching, learning and assessment, and across our campus and facilities.
  • FOCUS: We are professional and purposeful. Working towards our shared strategic goals and managing our resources well.
    We work to uphold our values in our planning and decision-making, our teaching and learning, our actions and relationships.
    We aim to be fair, open, honest and to treat all with respect.

    Nefertari International School (NIS) is a community where all members have the same equal rights. All learners from varying backgrounds are welcome to join NIS according to our non-discriminative policy.

    NIS Department of Admissions comprises
  • British Division Manager of Admissions
  • American/ IBDP Divisions Manager of Admissions
    Both report to the Head of School.

  • This policy was determined, adopted, developed and revised by the governing body of NIS.
  • This policy shall at all times be interpreted and applied in a manner that protects and promotes the best interests of all learners concerned.
  • This policy is published in the School Prospectus and can be found on the School’s website.
  • Announcement for new admissions happens through the following channels:
  • A special circular is issued by the NIS Department of Admissions, generally by Mid November, and given out to the school students. The Circular includes the starting dates for new admissions, generally by 1st December; and the Department of Admissions’ contact numbers.
  • The same circular is published on the School’s website.
  • The admissions shall not be denied because of race, gender, nationality, beliefs or any other diversity. All qualified applicants are welcome at NIS.
  • Admissions to NIS is open at any time during the scholastic year according to the availability of places.
  • NIS does not offer Special Education Needs (SEN) Service for children across all Y/G Levels.
  • The school does not offer formal English Language Support (ELS) classes but extra help is provided during school hours for students as arranged by teachers & headmistresses.
  • The school accepts students who can be served and benefit from the educational program. After enrollment, if a student is found to require learning or language support beyond what the school can provide, special arrangements, support and counseling are offered to the student and his/her parents.
  • All are encouraged to visit our website: to learn more about NIS Divisions.

  • Before a student is officially admitted to Nefertari International school, the following documents are required:
  • Application fee is paid (non-refundable).
  • Student-Application Form is completed and signed by the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the applicant.
  • Health Form is completed and signed by the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the applicant. Nefertari International School ensures the confidentiality of the health information entrusted to us by parents.
  • Copies of the applicant’s End of Year Report Card for the two year/grade levels precedent to the year/ grade level being applied to in addition to the most recent Term/Semester Report Card of the current year/ grade level.
  • When the Applicant has become eligible:
  • Original computerized birth certificate of the applicant.
  • Copies of both Parents’ ID
  • 6 recent photos of the applicant
  • Enrollment Letter for the past scholastic years issued by the previous school(s) the Applicant has joined
    Transfer Request with the stamp of the following Educational Directorates:
  • the one the Applicant is transferring from
  • the one the Applicant is transferring to

  • The Parent/Legal Guardian gets the Fees Payment Permit available at the Department of Admissions that ascertains that the Parent/Legal Guardian has submitted all the required documents and the Applicant has become eligible to join NIS.
  • This form allows the Parent/Legal Guardian to pay the required fees at the School Accounting Department.
  • On receiving the required fees, the Accounting Department returns the form to the School Department of Admissions to acknowledge the payment.

  • The Department of Admissions is responsible for adding new applicants to the school database in the appropriate Y/G Level.
  • Filing System takes place as the applicant is assigned to a class according to the Class List Policy.

  • Student Application Form, Health Form and Preschool Readiness Checklist are completed and signed by the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the child. The Preschool Readiness Checklist requests information about the child: allergies – serious illness – medical diagnosis – behavioral attitudes – sleeping habits – etc…
  • Schedule an interview for the child with the Preschool Headmistress / Preschool teacher.
  • The interview enables the child and the interviewer to interact in the actual school environment and helps the interviewer to identify any issues that may affect the child’s ability to comfortably adapt to the NIS’ system, while also serving as an informal orientation for the child who is accepted at NIS.
  • The observing interviewer will assess various areas concerning the child:
  • Self-identity
  • Emotional development
  • Social development
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Cognitive development
  • Speech and Language skills
  • Prewriting and pre-reading skills
  • An Observation Form is completed and signed by the interviewer (Preschool Headmistress / Preschool teacher).
  • NIS understands that some children may feel nervous at the prospect of an assessment and should the entrance standard not be met, the child may (at the school’s discretion) be invited to repeat the assessment once again.
  • Acceptance is informed to the Parent/ Legal Guardian via a phone call by the Department of Admissions.
  • A meeting is scheduled for both Parents/ Legal Guardian of the accepted child with the School Chairperson and the Head of School to explain the School’s Guiding Statements and terms of School-Parent Code of Conduct Contracts.

  • Student Application and Health Forms are completed and signed by the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the child.
  • Schedule a date for the written and oral assessments.
  • New applicants must sit for placement assessment in English, Math and 2nd Language (French or German). The exams are set to meet the learning standards of the Year/ Grade Level immediately precedent to the one being applied to.
  • Hence all learning and teaching of English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Humanities at NIS take place through the medium of English Language, an interview is carried out with the applicant to assess the language proficiency.
  • In case the applicant does not meet the expected learning standards of the grade level (a score of 70% or more), another date is scheduled for reassessment (upon the Parent’s/ Legal Guardian’s wish). Applicants are given the chance up to 3 trials.
  • Acceptance is informed to the Parent/ Legal Guardian via a phone call by the Department of Admissions.
  • A meeting is scheduled for both Parents/ Legal Guardian and the accepted applicant (only for Year/ Grade Level 1 to 12) with the School Chairperson and the Head of School to explain the School’s Guiding Statements and terms of School-Parent Code of Conduct Contracts.

  • No application fee is paid.
  • Student Application and Health Forms are completed and signed by the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the applicant.
  • The student’s file is transferred to the other Division upon the request of the Department of Admissions of the Division the student is transferring to.
  • A copy of the most recent Academic Report Card is presented.
  • A confidential Behavioral and Academic Insight Form signed by the Headmistress of the Division the applicant is currently enrolled in is requested.
  • Acceptance is informed to the Parent/ Legal Guardian via a phone call by the Department of Admissions.
  • An orientation session for both parents and the accepted student is carried out with the Year/ Grade Level Headmistress to explain the requirements, practices and procedures of the stage.

    The acceptance of applicants to NIS is based on the following factors:
  • Capacity of NIS including but not limited to the following:
  • the number of classrooms in the school;
  • the number of student population in each classroom.
  • The age of the applicant.
  • The date the application is received at NIS.
  • Applicant residency: transportation service is available for assigned areas only
  • Applicants should pass the admission test for the grade/year level. NIS has no special education services (SEN) or English Language Support (ELS).
    The school is aware not to admit students for whom it cannot provide appropriate support. Admission testing can ensure correct placement.

    Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places at the school in a particular year/ grade level, applicants who meet the criteria for admissions will be considered:
  • Children of Nefertari School’s alumnus (the NIS alumnus has to have spent 5 years or more in NIS as a student to be granted this privilege);
  • Siblings of current learners at Nefertari School (all Divisions);
  • Children of NIS staff members;
  • Applicants who meet the admission criteria;
  • Date of receiving the Student-Application Form. In case the application procedures have not been carried out immediately after informing the Parent/ Legal Guardian of the applicant’s acceptance at NIS and without informing the Department of Admissions of any urgent excuse for the delay, the applicant loses the privilege of first come/ first enrolled.
  • The transfer student must comply with and fulfill NIS Admissions requirements.

    Nefertari International School reserves the right to decline admissions or re-enrolment to any applicant if there are reasons to believe that admissions or re-enrolment will not be in the best interest of the applicant or the School. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:
  • Expulsion from their previous school for violent or aggressive behavior, or any behavior seen as a Serious Offence in our handbook.
  • Failure of obtaining any official documents required for admissions.

    Fees are paid on THREE installments:
    1st part of 1st installment 1st May 15th May
    2nd part of 1stinstallment 1st August 15th August
    2nd installment 1st December 15thDecember
  • The 1st part of the 1st installment is considered a reservation fee for the following scholastic year. Any delay in payment past the deadline will result in not enrolling the student for the following scholastic year.
  • Any delay of payment past a due date will result in a fine amounting to 1% of the unpaid amount per week.
  • The bus fee is paid once along with the first installment before the commencement of each scholastic year. The bus fee is NOT REFUNDABLE at any time.
  • If the bus fee is not paid along with the 1st installment, the transportation service will not hold a vacancy for the student. The school holds no responsibility or obligation if a student couldn’t find a room on the school bus.
  • Tuition fees are a total annual expenses payable regardless of how long the students is absent from school, or conditions that may require school closure or delay for security conditions.


    According to the decree number 449 (article 30, 36) issued by the Ministry of Education on 23/11/2013, and the decree issued on 23/12/2009 and authorized by the Minister of Education on 14/2/2010, in case a parent requests the refund of the fees due to transfer or in case of not paying the fees, the following procedures are followed:
    1- In case of transfer before the start of the academic year (1st September), the refund is carried out with a deduction of 10% from the amount paid as 1st installment.
    2- In case of transfer after the start of the academic year, the 1st installment is not refunded. In case the fees are totally paid, the 2nd installment only is to be refunded excluding the book and bus fees.
    3- In case of transfer after the 2nd term starts, the parent does not have the right to claim the refund of any part of the fees.
    4- Inflation and price increase is 7% each academic year separately as stated in the ministerial decree no 235 issued on 19/6/2011 except if drastic increases in foreign currency and energy prices take place. Accordingly, the school annual fees would increase relatively to the increase in the inflation rate.
    5- Increase in tuition differs according to stages and year levels, and this applies when the student successfully moves from kindergarten to primary, primary to middle and middle to the secondary stage.