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Welcome message

Mrs. Nadia Hafez.
Nefertari Schools Chairperson.

After browsing our website, we hope you gain a flavor of the great energy and spirit that exists at our school.

At the heart of Nefertari Schools’ education we believe that the recipe of success is to offer a blend of a welcoming, happy, supporting but challenging environment in which students can learn and determine where they want to go in life. As you navigate through our website, you will see that we are all striving to ensure a safe way to our students, but at the same time we teach our students how to strive for excellence on their way.

We work hard to ensure that we are delivering a challenging, dynamic and broad education that develops the abilities and skills of each and every student.

Primarily, we want our students to value hard work and enjoy learning for learning’s sake on both levels – academically and co-curricular. An all-round education must last a lifetime. This does not mean that we only focus on good exam results; certificates are just one product of sound education, not all the overall purpose. There are many other products that are as vital as certificates for successful and purposeful living: skills, values and aptitudes that Nefertari develops in its students and that do not come with studying, but come with learning.

As a well established institution, we are continuously investing in our educational mission and innovating within our curricular, co-curricular and cross curricular activities offering more creative opportunities to our students’ personal growth and character building. Our School Community is very enriching and motivating that makes our students always busy; to think, speak for themselves and listen positively to others; care for others and promote the world around them. We want them to be active Egyptian citizens and always seeking to give their best.


Our school motto, is a pretty neat summary of what education is at Nefertari International Schools.